I have been reading and hearing the past couple days the Tigers have been very aggresive in seeking a bat to help add some much needed offense to this lineup. I am really afraid they might not do anything because of the reemergence of Carlos Guillen even though he cannot hit right handed yet. I would like to see the Tigers get a Josh Willingham or even a Cody Ross rather than say an Adam Dunn or an Adam Jones who both are mainly DHs. I would also like to see them get some help pitching. If they could acquire Jarrod Washburn that would be great but its unlikely to happen. By Friday night I would like to see the Tigers have a new bat that can contribute in this lineup immediately as well as at least a solid late reliever. I will say this right now, if the Tigers can get a Washburn or someone close to him along with Verlander and Jackson, they would have a rotation that can win you a division and possibly a few playoff series. Hopefully they make a couple good moves and I am not bashing the Tigers front office come the weekend. Also, I saw the ChiSox acquired Mark Kotsay today from the BoSox for Brian Anderson. I dont understand this trade from a ChiSox point of view I actually thought Anderson had some potential but I will say this: Kenny Williams better have another trick up his sleeve because I firmly believe right now, the Tigers are better than Chicago and Minnesota. But for my sake as a Tigers fan, I would love to see Chicago make no more moves or another one like this because frankly, I don’t understand it.  


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